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i am the drifter philosopher...

...the east coast vagabond...

...a free spirit far ahead of the times...

i will change the world

... and i have a habit of writing overly long posts, consider yourself warned.

note: i am currently kinda half assedly looking for a new place to live. if someone stumbles across this thing, and decides we might get along (and of course has a room for rent), leave me a message. im sick of the whole "make do with what ya can find" thing, and actually want someplace that isnt going to get all wierd in a month, and that im not going to have inane arguements with who i live with. ... and i really dont think thats too much to ask. and yes, i can provide referances if needed.
absinthe, acting, activism, aesthetics, alchemy, aleister crowley, alienation, alternative lifestyles, alternative sexuality, anachronism, anarchy, apocalypse, art, art is life, astral projection, ayahuasca, ayn rand, b movies, bdsm, bondage, bonfires, burning man, camping, chaos magick, cider, cloves, co-ops, control, creating values, cyberpunks, darkness, dead languages, decadence, decay, deification, delerium, deserts, discordia, discordianism, dostoyevsky, drama, driving, drug culture, eccentricity, ecstasy, entheogens, environmentalism, erotica, evil, evolution, experimental art, eyes, fire, freedom, gothic, h. r. giger, hallucinogens, heinlein, hippies, hrielith, human rights, huysmans, iconoclasm, idealism, industrial, insomnia, intelligence, intj, introspection, kabbalah, knights templar, leather, lhp, life is art, lightning, literature, live music, love, lsd, lucid dreaming, lust, manipulation, marquis de sade, mind control, mind over body, mushrooms, music, myself, native america, nature, nietzsche, night, nihilism, nomadic living, non-conformity, not caring, occult, opiates, opium, oral sex, ordo templi orientis, overintellectualism, performance art, philosophy, physics, piercings, politics, polyamory, psychedelics, punk, qabalah, rain, raves, reading, redheads, religion, revolution, roadtrips, robert anton wilson, rock climbing, romanticism, rpg, salvia divinorum, sarcasm, satanism, selfishness, serpents, sex, sexuality, silk, sleep deprivation, surrealism, tantra, tattoos, the-fine-art-of-becoming-god, thelema, thunder, transcendence, travel, tribal, urban primitive, wanderlust, whiskey, william blake, william gibson, wine, wolves, world domination, writing, you