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well that whole posting more again thing worked out wonderfully, didnt it? last post was almost a year ago... anyways.

so, lots of changes this year. spent two years in DC in an experiment. not sure if it was successful or not (remind me next time i try an experiment to fully plan it out). but its over, and it told me what i wanted to know. i wanted to know if i could live i one place for two years and enjoy it. everyone else seems to, so maybe i was just missing something. i didnt move, didnt change jobs, didnt even move the furniture around. and i watched myself slowly go insane. i couldve ended it a year ago and learned the same thing, but that wouldnt have been the same. i said i would do a thing, so i did. having moved back there on incorrect assumptions and therefore starting off on a horrible note probably didnt help matters any, but at least i finally gave up on that particular issue of mine.

so: never again. i can see the positives... my bank account never looked better. but that one positive in a sea of negative isnt alright for me. the biggest thing that told me it was completely over and time to move? i was a regular in a lot of places. thats not a bad thing... but when you walk into a place and they just put things in front of you without your ordering it, thats a bit too much familiarity for me. i actually stumbled into a cab a few times and basically passed out in back, only to wake up at home. if the cabbies know exactly who i am and where i live, ive lived there too long.

so now im out west. not sure where i will end up, theres a couple things going on that might change things. but for now i am in phoenix. well, outside phoenix, in the desert. and the job market is horrible. took me over a month to find anything, when i normally get hired the first place i walk into, and all i could find was part time. most places told me to come back in two months without even looking at me. hell, i considered becoming a professional gambler, at least i had a chance to make money that way. but i am working again now, so i can move forward again. there is nothing i hate more then stagnation, and after two years of it, being forced through another month really sucked.

why might i be leaving again soon? other then because i can and want to keep moving... i was considering becoming a truck driver. ive tossed the idea around for years. it would probably work out well for me, and if i could do that for a year without having rent my bank account would look golden. it wouldnt bother me at all to always be on the road, i dont have anything tying me to any place. i was considering outfitting a van as a liveabroad, if i could just figure out a way to make gas money on the move. i want to see more of this country, before i leave it. which is the other reason i may be leaving soonish.

ive been working on a project with a few other people lately. well, for almost a year now. its made a lot of ground in that year. check out www.floatingman.org thats the project. we are trying to create a year round version of burningman. the festival gave me that much of an impression. the plan is to buy an island, and go from there. we are curently looking at an island in nicaragua which seems like it would work out well for us. we wont know till we do it of course. the price of the islands we are looking at is less the the price of a two bedroom condo. the skeptics keep rolling by, saying it cant be done... but the model we have come up with says otherwise. i really cant see any reason why it couldnt work, and ive been looking. people i talk to seem to think its a great idea (or a horrible one), but wont commit to it, and cant say why it wont work. i dont understand why the project hasnt taken off, but were working on it. i mean weve figured out a way to have our own tropical island with a community of people focused on art, for very little cash involved, what could be better? if we can make this happen it will be an amazing place.

anyways. im getting back to myself. the last couple years really did suck, with a few notable exceptions. im in a new area now, i havent explored any of the west yet, so im excited so see what there is to be seen. i will be heading up to burningman next month (still need to buy tickets...) but other then that have no plans. i want to get a few road trips in, so if anyone is doing anything lemme know, theres a good chance ill show up. trying to convince a few people that we should hit vegas. i want to go camping, but no idea where yet. still need to head up to LA and SF. many trips to mexico should be worked out (i really need to work on my spanish if im going to be living in nicaragua). i dont even know what there is to see and do out here, but i want to do it anyways.

i want to work on my photography too, and still working on my writing. i really couldnt get anything done in DC. the city is depressing, and my life was more so. id get all this energy and excitement to do things when i was away, but couldnt force myself to lift a hand once i got back. that i had taken up drinking as a thing to do, instead of as a thing to do while doing other things, probably didnt help much. i was beginning to worry i might actually be able to have some addiction problem, even when i knew otherwise. i didnt have a problem with drinking, i had a problem with boredom.

one last thing. if you havent heard of HUMANWINE yet, look em up. really good weird band from boston (though i think they are moving out west soonish). cant even describe it better then that, but i like it. if thats saying anything im not sure. www.HUMANWINE.com
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On July 25th, 2007 05:31 pm (UTC), zahra commented:
Heh, no wonder you up and disappeared from the face of the internets. ;p

Mind you, if you do have an internet connection and happen to be bored Monday nights around ~10PM EST, we actually started a new Skype game this week. We discovered that exploring a haunted house takes too long, with not enough RP.

Also, Alex and I have been talking about getting everyone together in Vermont for a tabletop game, seeing as he, JF, and I are all within a few hours of each other. If you happen by that way in the near future, you're welcome to drop by and join in. :)
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On July 29th, 2007 03:29 pm (UTC), madscriptor commented:
So that's where you've been all this time. I'm going to be driving through Arizona on the way back to L.A. on the 16th. I'm taking the 40. How far are you from that area? Maybe we can get lunch.
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On July 30th, 2007 06:57 am (UTC), revtrae replied:
i think 40 goes through flagstaff which is north of me a couple hours. im off the 10, west of phoenix, which also goes into LA. not sure if the detour south would be shorter or longer, but let me know if you decide to take it.

either way, ill make it out to LA at some point, wanna show me around when i do?
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On January 26th, 2011 09:32 am (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
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— On April 14th, 2011 03:14 am (UTC), gozosent posted a reply · Expand
On April 14th, 2011 07:51 am (UTC), (Anonymous) replied:
Pardon? Who is this? I had forgotten this was even active.
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