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so, yeah. still not updating this as much as id like. just going…

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so, yeah. still not updating this as much as id like. just going through my forums and friends page takes like an hour every day, without responding to anything. and with as much as ive been working (admitedly less then such this week), i just havent had the motivation. but i figure every once in awhile i should post, and a couple things have changed, so...

new phone number. lemme know if you need it. finally get sick of sprint and their horrible customer service and crappy billing. at the end of it, and prolly still as i havent cancelled yet, they were charging me like 90 a month for the smallest service plan possible. after 4 years it had just randomly gathered fees and whatall and was just getting insane. add that to my phone being a piece of crap, with no battery life, and being somehow broken so as to not ring (95% of the time, the other times it worked fine, for no apparent reason).. and yeah, i was sick of them. so now i have T-mobile. and one of those new RAZRs ( i R tEh pImp!1) but really, its a good phone,m and the battery is fuckin amazing. so far service is decent, so all is good. they gave me one of those whireless bluetooth things too, cause you know, its so hard to hold a phone to your head, but i cant figure out how to use it. *shrug*

i completely looked at my schedule wrong, and thought i had yesterday off, so i randomly went bar hopping (yeah, i know, im so cool, barhopping on a monday night in my work clothes) i actually figured out that i didnt have yesterday off at the third bar, but at that point it was too late anyways, so i went to another. so yesterday sucked. i very rarely get hangovers, but it was bad. on the plus side, i finally made it to adam's morgan, and found the really cool bars there. considering i live a few metro stops away, im sure ill be back. madam's organ is just that cool. and goergetown officially sucks now. just have to bring company next time.

trying to figure out exactly how much time im taking off in january. its gonna be deadly slow at work, so im definetely taking a good bit of time off. heading up to MI for a bit, and possibly out to AZ and SC as well. but bills stil have to be paid, so i cant take too much time off. le sigh. well see how it looks a little bit more into dec.

my roommates are starting to bitch again. i really dont know why this happens to often. the one i was mostly forced into letting move in sucks. i apparently am not taking out the garbage enough. or something. but of course, since im never here, they have to leave me notes to bitch at me. somehow the fact that if im not here enough for them to even bitch at me in person, im prolly not the one messing anything up has excaped them. no, i dont take out the garbage. i dont use it either. hell, i dont even look at it to see if its full. i do however wash their dishes whenever i am home. because they are there and need to be done, so i do them, when some of mine are there. but .... oh fuck it. it really isnt worth bitching about. living with people sucks.

so, now i need some stuff. book recomendations. im at borders nearly every day, which results in me buying a lot of crap, and not much good. suggestions?

anyone a computer person? i want a new computer for my birthday. i want to buy it in pieces as its much cheaper and have been told over and over how easy they are to put together. the smoke test intimidates me mostly, but i just dont know what works with what, whats good, and whats worthwhile and whats just neccessary. i have a few base minimums, but not many. i want to be able to upgrade to a dualcore chip in the future, when they are cheaper, so the mother board needs to be able to handle that. most of the rest im pulling from this comp, plus a good video card, and possibly more ram. suggestions? im trying to keep it under 500 or so, a good bit of which will be the video card (they are like 200, ugh.) suggestions?

oh... mary prankster rocked. the place sucked, jammin java is not the kind of place you can really get into the music. the seating sucked, the drinks were... missing. heh, i was running over to the restaurant across the street and taking double shots between sets. its a coffee bar with beer, and an open area in back they put folding chairs into for shows. the stage itself was nice, i can see that, the lighting and whatall, whereas most bars just dont have any real stage considerations. but it just... didnt work. then i got stuck in VA. it was below freezing out. the cab company just didnt have any cabs. i was like, wtf? right. suppose i should have planned that out a bit more, but finding a cab on a friday night should never be a problem. and now i am sad, mary is gone. wish i coulda made the baltimore show. forgot my phone takes pictures, or i woulda taken some.

edit: oh, and i have a myspace now. add me or something
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On November 30th, 2005 08:44 pm (UTC), madscriptor commented:
What kind of books are you interested in? I can give you some great titles on the dirty side of history, cultural and biological anthropology (evolution), neuroscience, theoretical physics and studies on death. If you want to read a scathing critique on the American obsession with celebrity and laugh your ass off because the author is brilliantly sarcastic, check out A Massive Swelling by Cindra Wilson. It's out of print, but you can acquire used copies through BN's out-of-print department or Amazon.

As for the computer, Dell usually has some really good deals on past models. I think I've seen a few for as low as $500. So you might want to check with them. They have excellent customer service and the one I have hasn't given me any trouble in the three years I've owned it.
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On December 1st, 2005 12:39 am (UTC), revtrae replied:
i read all sorts of different things. most of those things i read about, but being in print is usually better lately (and in stock *mutter*), just because the bookstore is nextdoor to my work, so i browse between shifts.

the computer... ive got two dells sitting next to me. and one off brand is being delivered back to me soon, so ill have 3. plus random parts from upgrades and such. i really dont want to buy a whole new computer and place another one to the side to part out "eventually". most of what i need i need to buy new, just to get up to date, but i want to be closer to up to date then i usually am so its expected. i want something that supports AMD's X2 dualcore chip, and dell's are intel, i think. that and one of those nice new PCI-E video card slots. the rest i can prolly salvage from this comp. though ill need more memory, and another HD (its funny how fast 30 GB fills up nowadays). i plan on doing a bit of 3D graphic design stuff, and its notoriously CPU intensive.

ive been going through so many listings and information... ive learned a lot, but mostly just that i really -really- had no clue what i was doing before.
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On December 2nd, 2005 01:08 am (UTC), madscriptor replied:
Here's a list of books you might want to continue:

Collapse by Jared Diamond

Guns, Germs & Steel by Jared Diamond

The Myth of Nations by Patrick Geary

The Lucifer Principle by Howard Bloom

The Future of Life by Edward D. Wilson

What it Means to Be 98% Chimpanzee by Jonathan Marks

The Buried Soul by Timothy Taylor

Synaptic Self by Joseph LeDoux

Self-Aware Universe by Amit Goswami

The Physics of Immortality by Frank Tipler

Deceptions and Myths of the Bible by Lloyd Graham
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